Artist Profile

A Professional Traveling Photographer.

A Professional Photographer and Creative Director, I have been shooting for more than 25 years and professionally for over 15.  My professional career began as a Location Scout in the Film Industry, scouting and photographing locations for world renown studios like Warner Bros. Pictures and Television Commercials for Bausch & Lomb, Cadbury and L'Oréal Paris.

I went on to provide professional Visual Media services for world-class luxury clients on a mix of creative projects like Video productions for Amex Canada, Roberto Cavalli & Holt Renfrew, custom visuals for Rolls Royce, UBS Bank, Kiwi Collection & BBC as well as photography for global publications like ELLE Magazine, Fashion, Toro Magazine, dozens of beauty & style brands in addition to numerous private commission clients around the world.

Highly versatile and capable of shooting anything from product to architecture or street style to advertising. 
My heart is drawn to travel imagery and masterful portraiture.  Always exploring fresh perspectives of unique landscapes around the world and engaging with interesting minds and captivating personalities through portraiture.  I capture each face, place and detail as I see it best.